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Empire Inks - Color Series - Color Mixing Chart

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*Please note: Not all digital screens will be color accurate, meaning the accuracy of this items image colors will only be as good as the screen you are viewing it on. 

There is a larger digital version attached below which is free to use for Registered Professional Members only.

If you want a more accurate chart for reference, please purchase one of the printed versions below*

This color mixing guide is a tool to help you mix over 100 colors with our set of 10 color inks.

How to Use:

The palette shows Dominant colors and Mixing colors in the margins and when they are mixed, they create the target colors that are in the center

  1. Select the color you want to mix from the grid.
  2. From that color, follow the row to the left margin to find the Dominant color. Then follow the color down to the bottom margin to find the Mixing color.

Start with more of the Dominant color and slowly add the Mixing color to achieve desired Target color. To lighten, slowly add white.

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From the makers of Empire Inks:

We grind our pigments down extra fine to ensure the ink goes in the skin as smooth as possible. With the pigments being smaller this helps minimize the "pepper" effect you get with traditional inks. The smaller the pigment, the smaller the dot. With this system you will be able to get your desired gray tones with less effort
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