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Peak Stellar Needle Cartridges - Sample Pack

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The Large Mags sample pack comes as a pack of 4. All other styles are packs of 5.

Revolutionize your tattooing experience with the Peak Stellar Cartridges sample pack, setting a new standard for precision, reliability, and more. These cartridges, beloved by artists for their quality and performance, redefine the concept of sharpness. Crafted from top-grade 304 stainless steel, each needle maintains its exceptional sharpness throughout extended sessions, eliminating concerns about performance deterioration.

Expect consistent excellence every time you open a box of Peak Stellar cartridges. They are the first in the industry to guarantee 20/20 high-quality needles in every pack, ensuring top-tier performance without any subpar needles.

Sharper needles not only facilitate smoother ink flow for richer color saturation and faster healing but also provide artists with greater control, particularly for bold styles like color packing and whip shading. This enhanced ink flow reduces the need for multiple passes, minimizing skin trauma and accelerating the healing process.

Peak Stellar's innovative design ensures precise, wobble-free tattooing. Engineered to eliminate side-to-side play with assembly tolerances finer than a strand of hair, these cartridges deliver unmatched stability, especially beneficial for intricate linework.

Say goodbye to rummaging through drawers for the right needle configuration. Peak Stellar cartridges feature on-needle labeling and color-coded back stems for instant identification. Additionally, revamped, easy-to-read color-coded labels on the packaging streamline setup, eliminating guesswork and saving time.

Cartridge TypeDescriptionWhat's Included
XXL Mag Sample Pack
The Peak Stellar XXL Mag Sample Pack contains five XXL curved mag configurations so you can create dynamic lines and execute flawless shading.
(1) #10 29 XXL Curved Mag
(1) #10 35 XXL Curved Mag
(1) #12 45 XXL Curved Mag
(1) #12 49 XXL Curved Mag
Traditional Sample Pack
The Peak Stellar Traditional Sample Pack gives you five configurations for essential techniques: lining, whipshading, stippling, and shading
(1) #12 9 Traditional Round Liner
(1) #12 18 Traditional Round Liner
(1) #12 3x3 Whipshading Stipple Mag
(1) #12 3x6 Whipshading Stipple Mag
(1) #12 14 Round Shader 
Fine Line Sample Pack
The Peak Stellar Fine Line Sample Pack gives you five round liners, including three bugpin configurations, so you can tackle fine lines, delicate work, and intricate detailing
(1) #6 3 Round Liner
(1) #8 3 Round Liner
(1) #10 1 Bugpin Round Liner
(1) #10 3 Bugpin Round Liner
(1) #10 5 Bugpin Round Liner 
Basic Sample Pack
The Peak Stellar Basic Sample Pack gives you a well-rounded variety of configurations useful for any style 
(1) #12 5 Round Liner
(1) #12 9 Round Shader
(1) #12 15 Curved Mag
(1) #10 9 Straight Mag 
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    EO Gas Sterilized

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