Terms and conditions


Razorblade Pro (hereafter referred to as seller) will not be held responsible for the misuse of these products. Body piercing, tattoos, and other modifications should only be practiced by professionals. There is some risk involved, and the seller waives any and all responsibility for any injury or damages resulting from the use of their products. All items are new and not sterile unless specified in the description of the item. Keep jewelry and all small objects out of the reach of children. Buyer agrees to indemnify the seller of any and all responsibility. By purchasing you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined herein.

"Professional" Account Status

Some of our products are only sold to professionals. This includes, but is not limited to tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo inks, piercing needles, piercing tools, microdermal tools, etc. If you have already registered for an account, please allow up to 24 hours for us to review your account. 72 hours if you signed up over a weekend. If you would like to expedite this process, please contact us through our live chat (if it is available) or email us at account(at)razorbladeproducts.com

Because tattoo and piercing regulations vary from state to state, and internationally, we may require some or all of the following information for approval:

  • Your shop address (commercial location) for shipping purposes.
  • Business phone
  • Business website
  • Tattoo/piercing licensure
  • Sales tax ID
  • Other comparable documentation

Shipping Transit Times and 'On Hold' Status

Razorblade has a three (3) business day guarantee.

We promise that your order will ship within three business days. If your order does not or cannot ship within those three business days, we will contact you in order to rectify the situation and get your order out as soon as possible.

Professional accounts that are assigned a specific in-house representative will be contacted by that rep.
Web orders (orders placed on our website) will receive an eMail from our Web Dept.

All orders for professional supplies must ship to a professional (commercial) location.

If you order professional supplies and attempt to have your order shipped to a residential location, your order will be held until we can touch base with you and get your shipping address changed to a professional/commercial location. If this does not happen within 3 business days, your order will be canceled and refunded.

Transit Times

When you request an expedited means of shipping, that does not necessarily mean your order will leave our warehouse any faster

Orders are shipped in the order they are received. Your expedited shipping simply means that once it leaves our warehouse, it will ship in the manner in which you paid for.

When checking out, your shopping cart will always present with the most available options based on your location.  



The map below will give you an idea of how long UPS Ground will take to reach you from our location in Harrisburg, PA - 17111

Please note that packages shipped via UPS are automatically insured for $100 USD. If you would like to have your package insured for more, please contact us.
Click the map image for a larger view.


USPS First Class (first class mail parcel)

USPS first class typically takes anywhere from two (2) to five (5) business days

Please note that USPS First Class offers no insurance. Any orders over $25 should be shipped via UPS in order to insure against loss.

Extra Notes

  • We do not control delivery times for any of the above services. We can certainly make a notation on your shipping label to deliver at certain times, but neither services is obligated to follow such requests. If you own a business, please make sure that your business hours are posted. That is the only thing UPS drivers are obligated to follow. USPS drivers are bound by neither special requests or posted hours.
  • UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes. Please consider using USPS if you need to have a delivery sent to a PO Box.
  • If your order is over $25.00 and needs to ship USPS, please contact us in order to have it insured
  • Your account will be updated with a tracking number once your order ships